Saturday, October 31, 2009

Xevonaute versus black hattitude

Two SEO forums (one public and one private), two SEO contest to different rules (if I ate a domain name for each competition, my studies would soon cut short), the competition is black hattitude widespread across the web while the penne Xevonaute find competitors due to the settlement calling for a new domain name and not blogspot (you included, it made me pissed off, you lose the link nojah black).

More than 15 days before the end of the movement black hattitude which has been a contest, my first SEO contest exciting, and already my second Friday with capseo I will not add the keyword to my table Xevonaute hunting. Second complains about the competition on what engine is made? Brief Nojah you still have some loose level instructions, ask Bernard LavilliersHe will be happy to answer you with his black hat his cane and purple.

Minor deviation from Xevonaute, if I may add a tick to article Referencing an ImageI like to add your page as reference. My picture in this page is up as well on the second page of google image despite a small but I really put my advice highlighted in this article The patchwork black hattitude I hope that will position the patchwork on the front page of the keyword black hattitude. The problem with bloggers is that we can not know how many images you google image index because it does not use the URL of the blog in the image path.

Xevonaute versus black hattitude/

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