Saturday, October 31, 2009

Me, my sandbox and black hattitude

I wanted to make a longer title of Google-style, I think the sandbox, the competition rankings, the black hattitude [and so on of the best] but it seems that this is not very good for SEO So as I've just referenced it again I will not make reisqué.

Indeed as stated very well the night owl, so I thought it was three days (I can not count, it remains more a month) and I was desperate sandbox and I decided to freely give my links to the sphere on this blog. 5 minutes after abor added a dozen links to pages competing I find myself again in google - And my sandbox, you kidding me? - Too bad I will not delink following the whims of an algorithm so incongruous as I'm nice I leave feedback links and more!

We're pleased, we're back in the race, we want the black hattitude (to believe that having tweaked my title refer a google on my request)! And now towards the first page, it already dominates google image (I will not make a screen on page 4 so abused it how I am present) and the trikapalanet I will not even speak, I'm out concurence level google image [...] but damage that competitions are not made on the latter in any case I win 5 of my traffic through it so it ' is not negligible.

Love (or not) google sandbox and hate towards the first! Make me links! Thank you Bernard Lavilliers and Kate Mos!

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