Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trikapalanet versus black hattitude

After the big flop SEO Contest Xevonaute (point of view shared with strictly personal), here we face a new SEO contest, not least, the capseo Contest 09.

A big competitions, dick good challengers, a camera key (Fru, thou hast no need) and pleasure, art, discovery, future friends, a list ... In short, a SEO contest with competitiveness.

However, I do not give 100% in the latter because I'm serious and which I want as well finish the contest said discodog black hattitude in a good position (for there I fall).

Each of my short paragraphs could have a tweet, that's when you want to talk like Bernard Lavilliers to say nothing about black hattitude or on Trikapalanet (complex as word anyway).

I think everyone knows the rules now, if not spinning quickly discover (among it there are particular position on the keyword trikapalanet on, go, good Trikapaplalapalanet all.

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