Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Way of Blogging

I visited a few blogs of interesting content on my érance black man hattitude when I discovered the shape of an olive Blog: then I told myself that I will test its effectiveness in this contest as black hattitude level expression Seo (which should not be top because we get lost in several subject):

Today on the SEO world:

Video Games: The political re-debate on violence in video games, but let me just live with my joystick Xbox 360We are beings endowed with intelligence, Stop the banned!

New: New Orange Livebox, if it actually fixed all the bugs livebox a half of service technicians of Telecom would be unemployed.

Olds: The Louvre loose one of its Egyptian frescoes that our ancestors were brought back at one of their crusade black hat.

Television: CSI TF1 ... Zap ... Research Section France 2 ... Zap ... Further investigation France 3 ... Zap ... Zap .... Zap ... M6 Bones ... No wonder that experts and police series have the coast there is more than that on the small screen! Take us a little Fru to change.

Black Hattitude: First Rudy, Tiger II, the Third. Org, Gnome Fourth, Fifth and finally sixth meushli me with my blog on blogger talking about the black hattitude in long, wide and also across.

Trikapalanet: It has not yet had time to reflect on the subject, but it moves well on the front page while I rest between the second and third page with a few little notes on the trikapalanet.

Idea: Microsoft should add the Saint of the Day below the date when I pass my mouse over an hour.

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