Saturday, September 26, 2009

My dog and the black hattitude

After touching almost all areas, the black hattitude attacking animals and not only that, my dog took this black hattitude. He donned a black t-shirt and hat he is set to join a fraternity weasel directed by Kate Mos neighborhood nearby. Il paraît même qu' Usain Bolt serait passer un tout petit instant! It even seems that Usain Bolt would spend a little time! According to several sources, it would be Bernard Lavilliers which would set the trend in dogs because it can talk to animals and is currently embarking on the same horses. He had tried to put one of my hats, but he dropped too frequently, therefore it has waived, until he comes back here one last photo of him:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fru returns on the french grammar and wri

I hattitude black, you black hattitude it black hattitude [...] and yes, Fru apparently Romanian and completely invaded by the syndrome of 12 black hattitude we introduced the episode 4 of its web series already coveted Black hattitude which is yet his season 1 (I think he has planned for Lost as to make a dozen seasons, and yes the black hat has things to say).Following is a small reminder of our little French grammar (or if you're not French) has chained to drink a hattitude black man with a little white wine and sparkling water in a glass perrier (probably a publicity stunt box french watter has cost them dear).Then finally it Dedication Video to bisounours (term black hat to denote the white hat) to wri [pronounced the Weri].

If you like this video, remember to subscribe to RSS feeds to be informed of upcoming news concerning the series and probably watch the next episode.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Miss Black Hattitude

Here is a miss that was expected to: Miss Black hattitude it comes to qualifications Miss, she is sexy, young and pretty and plus it comes with Bernard Lavilliers. She comes directly from and put it more beautiful black dress for the occasion, even a horse from the depths of the Arabian desert could not compete. What is certain is that breakfast like a black hat and good humor of Usain Bolt. La voici en image : Here in image:

The slim PS3 would sell very well

The PS3 slim black hattitude sells very well, the evidence is that many retailers are being forced to take orders (sell Concole "out of stock"). And why do you think? For the black hattitude is fashionable, we made competitions, the games, the soprtifs the door and more ... The black hattitude and the trikapalanet have become a popular choice!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The black hattitude break fast

Fru, said in one of his articles on the black hat that hattitude black men eating a steak Tatar morning, I did not agree and is to enjoy a new ticket (that's good debate during the competition especially seo contest). For my part, I think a black hat like Bernard does not eat in the morning, he drinks his coffee like everyone else, coffee very black, very black, but not just any, he drinks coffee black jack l 'brandy. Of course, after giving you this delicious name, I'll slip the recipe:

Like any recipe, you have the ingredients, according to the quantity that you wish to drink will be spoken as a fraction: 2 / 5 of brandy (should not be stuffed either and emptied the bottle if you blog about how the black hattitude) 2 / 5 of coffee and then we miss 1 / 5 of what? I put on the brandy that gives us 1 / 5 of cognac. After the ingredients, utensils, no need 10 dishes and an oven, if your coffee is ready do it one more glass and a glass coffee grows.
Ingredients done, now it's about how to pay: for ingredients in mixing glass with crushed ice. Stir and serve in glasses pushes coffee cooled in advance.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still doubts between white and black hattitude?

We spoke yesterday of Usain Bolt at 2009 OJ mode black hattitude but we are interested in previous Olympics, the Chinese people and especially the Pekingese from Beijing. The white hattitude was represented by a particular character and yet very interesting (no, it was not Bernard Lavilliers though ...), manager by Ubisoft, this competitor white hat (white hat) does not go very far in its sprint, it was even pretty good press. You guessed, it is dumb, it's rabbit, it is not black hattitude, it is a character invented by Ubisoft, a cretin rabbits. There have been many participants in the race but no, none has gone so low (and not in the records). The demonstration video:

Revelation: How Usain win the olympics games


Usain Bolt tearing everything in its path and we made a complete geek upgrade records in the field sprint, but with what? This is probably not due to his training champion in the fields of grass or Jamaica because of its tendency to run. His victories he owes to black hattitude, he had to try the pink attitude but without success and was then put in black hat. We see very heavily on millions of photos at the Olympic games, the big sprint owes his victory to his big black hat he wears to embarrass him in the order (note, for 100metres in a straight line you do not so need your eyes Ormis not change lane). Before the final he reveals: "I almost did not make some of the participants because I find it my black hat with a contest of circumstance" Fortunately his brother went out with the precious. While the image:


After attacking video games, movies, music, Youtube and now the sport, what will be the next victim of black hattitude, surely google for November 2 to 17h (or I'm working again and does not cover Leven en live ).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dark Vador have understood the black hattitude

dark vasor: black hattitude

In fact, Luke was next to the plate as Obi-Wan who remained white on the side of the force, although I did not understand everything in the story (to force even the rambling), I have understood that the hand that Darth Vader was lost in combat was miraculously repelled by his black hattitude and (more than a hat) big black mask. I do not know how the story ends but the winner if he was white would not keep his white hat and forever it will surely turn to gray to be seen falling into the black hattitude. And I want to say one last thing: j'**** all services who say that my URL is not valid while Dark has managed to accept it, I pass the dark side of the force and I adopt the black hattitude, thank you Bernard for the course this afternoon and worse for the Jedi who lost the lead SEO contest.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Classification of Race Condition of the Seo Contest

We're all very anxious to find out which of us will be first on November 2 with the request hattitude black until they console themselves by watching each day is our url on the page's provides for the event. J I'm not even normal to create a blog yesterday and cached by google last night, however we may soon expect to see me in the first two pages. All my pages were cached tonight which is good news that the hope of the Jedi force be with us.

The classification of participants who have black hattitude is available at:

Video Games and Black hattitude

Black Hattitude

Electronics Arts is not only wrong in adopting the style black hattitude for SPF-old black named in 2006 (that I own on Playstation 2) where it is like any FPS Zap everything that moves more or less class. It is nevertheless regrettable that the experience was not renewed in a reissue as a Blak hattitude 2.  In any case it will have little interest in this SEO contest of discodog but I'm glad to share with you my love of video games and especially the Xbox 360.

The referencing of an image

It's nothing black hat is even more simple-minded but has to be as content as it is useful. Let us therefore as a test, I'll choose an image from my library and try to reference the following different criterion below: (I will not bother to write 50 lines per point for advice if you read this article then you have a basic knowledge of SEO (and especially black hattitude and you will probably be here for the SEO contest):

  • An image suitable for the "theme" (not the color of your template) of the page and especially adapted to its description (description placed close to the img tag)
  • A "scene" attractive to Mr Google Bot (title alt and description)title
  • A link pointing to the image
  • Size of the image in the page (at least 40% of page)

Black Hattitude

The black hattitude is a competition launched by discodog for those not faint of heart.Rendez vous le 2 novembre. Appointments November 2.

The Black Hattitude by Fru

Fru recently broadcast videos describing the Black Hattitude (also for the SEO contest I think) and I suggest you faithful readers (there blog open just three hours and I doubt that someone is already subscribed to my feed) of follow his shots of this competition, I will only give a ticket for videos already disclosed but the next I'll make a ticket / video.

James Dino knows that whites do not know the google dance

Google dance, a term that completely shifted the pros referencing say dead (but why all the [about] one and half months I have a update page rank?), The little Belgian (white) was completely understood: c is the black hattitude which trumps the Google dance and the top positions.

I do not like rap (Ormis some great like MC Solar) but if he can bring me the contents so much the better) especially for the black hattitude of discodog.

Differents Hats

What hope is no reference content, so I chose to talk about the different hats Seo. From Pink to white through the black we are today the center.

Pae start the black Hattitude, black hat with cloaking, the grunge, the doorway pages, hidden links, redirects only interpretable by search engines, multiple accounts on different social networks ...  The Black Hat comes straight from our good old western.

Continue its opposite: the white hat (white hat), it is the kind of SEO: SEO long and natural, creating useful content to site ...  What the shi$t except you do not have families to feed.

I am somewhere between the two: the gray hat, gray hat not need a long description, some bad, some good and it makes you the ideal combination. For my last site launched in a few days (100 entries from the first day) I had tons of blog platforms the most popular to increase its number back (black boundary) link.

For other hats I do not know, he will ask a pro environment;).

Black Hattitude Gold Gray hat, choose your clan!

Black Hattitude: Seo Contest

What better than a competition referencing for flashy promote a new product as a forum. This idea has been Discodog and with all his knowledge, this contest has quickly reached and helped me discover the world Discodog.  His SEO forum in apparent reference surely beautifully (or not) in any case his blog enjoys at least one readers (like say feedburners) and more.

1. Positioning on the request first black hattitude on (I considered using a screen using the wiki search [small arrows] and then I told myself that this can not be permitted.
 2.  The Advent make a deadline that will call the calendar date of the black hattitude: Monday, November 2 at 17h (2009).
3. Show that participates in the comments (I'm at the end of this post).
4. Make a hard link with an anchor as well as special seo forum or another forum to my new Discodog (made above).

Well, I'm pretty legit, and around to putting on a very black hat.

My hope at the end to the contest: I hope I made a name and at least be in the top 10.
Black Hattitude Power, Let's goooo (and good luck to all the other competitors).