Friday, October 9, 2009

Loeb has nabbed a grey hat

Loeb and his hat

His hat is not black, he is not white either, it is dirty. Sébastien Loeb of the Citroen team had yet finished first in Australia to rally to its main competitor Finland's Mikko Hirvonen. And yet it was downgraded due to rod anti-roll bar does not comply (a trifle what) and what made him take a minute penalty which was enough for him to Finnish chopper up the first two of the rally end. Loeb's had the wrong hat, helmet between the ferrari f1, the white hat, glasses Gibs and the black hat he had inadvertently taken or rather the Citroen team and its leader Bernard Lavillier gave him the hat aka filthy dirty hat.

As a reminder, Sebastian had started strong by winning the first 5 but its main rally competitor was quick to catch up by winning the 4 following, so far he has caught Loeb and therefore can not afford to error on the Rally of Great Britain or on that of Spain.

Nevertheless, the fair play rules the league because Mikko said "It is a pity that the result ends that way after a rally which was also played over three days"Finally a"To have lost points two years ago in Portugal, I know what it must feel tonight Sebastian".

Sebastien, I'll take care of myself to send you your next black hat and the breakfast and the black hattitude be with you on these future rallies, because I do not know if it will follow you until Form 1.

car of Loeb

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