Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Way of Blogging

I visited a few blogs of interesting content on my érance black man hattitude when I discovered the shape of an olive Blog: then I told myself that I will test its effectiveness in this contest as black hattitude level expression Seo (which should not be top because we get lost in several subject):

Today on the SEO world:

Video Games: The political re-debate on violence in video games, but let me just live with my joystick Xbox 360We are beings endowed with intelligence, Stop the banned!

New: New Orange Livebox, if it actually fixed all the bugs livebox a half of service technicians of Telecom would be unemployed.

Olds: The Louvre loose one of its Egyptian frescoes that our ancestors were brought back at one of their crusade black hat.

Television: CSI TF1 ... Zap ... Research Section France 2 ... Zap ... Further investigation France 3 ... Zap ... Zap .... Zap ... M6 Bones ... No wonder that experts and police series have the coast there is more than that on the small screen! Take us a little Fru to change.

Black Hattitude: First Rudy, Tiger II, the Third. Org, Gnome Fourth, Fifth and finally sixth meushli me with my blog on blogger talking about the black hattitude in long, wide and also across.

Trikapalanet: It has not yet had time to reflect on the subject, but it moves well on the front page while I rest between the second and third page with a few little notes on the trikapalanet.

Idea: Microsoft should add the Saint of the Day below the date when I pass my mouse over an hour.

Me, my sandbox and black hattitude

I wanted to make a longer title of Google-style, I think the sandbox, the competition rankings, the black hattitude [and so on of the best] but it seems that this is not very good for SEO So as I've just referenced it again I will not make reisqué.

Indeed as stated very well the night owl, so I thought it was three days (I can not count, it remains more a month) and I was desperate sandbox and I decided to freely give my links to the sphere on this blog. 5 minutes after abor added a dozen links to pages competing I find myself again in google - And my sandbox, you kidding me? - Too bad I will not delink following the whims of an algorithm so incongruous as I'm nice I leave feedback links and more!

We're pleased, we're back in the race, we want the black hattitude (to believe that having tweaked my title refer a google on my request)! And now towards the first page, it already dominates google image (I will not make a screen on page 4 so abused it how I am present) and the trikapalanet I will not even speak, I'm out concurence level google image [...] but damage that competitions are not made on the latter in any case I win 5 of my traffic through it so it ' is not negligible.

Love (or not) google sandbox and hate towards the first! Make me links! Thank you Bernard Lavilliers and Kate Mos!

Trikapalanet versus black hattitude

After the big flop SEO Contest Xevonaute (point of view shared with strictly personal), here we face a new SEO contest, not least, the capseo Contest 09.

A big competitions, dick good challengers, a camera key (Fru, thou hast no need) and pleasure, art, discovery, future friends, a list ... In short, a SEO contest with competitiveness.

However, I do not give 100% in the latter because I'm serious and which I want as well finish the contest said discodog black hattitude in a good position (for there I fall).

Each of my short paragraphs could have a tweet, that's when you want to talk like Bernard Lavilliers to say nothing about black hattitude or on Trikapalanet (complex as word anyway).

I think everyone knows the rules now, if not spinning quickly discover (among it there are particular position on the keyword trikapalanet on, go, good Trikapaplalapalanet all.

Xevonaute versus black hattitude

Two SEO forums (one public and one private), two SEO contest to different rules (if I ate a domain name for each competition, my studies would soon cut short), the competition is black hattitude widespread across the web while the penne Xevonaute find competitors due to the settlement calling for a new domain name and not blogspot (you included, it made me pissed off, you lose the link nojah black).

More than 15 days before the end of the movement black hattitude which has been a contest, my first SEO contest exciting, and already my second Friday with capseo I will not add the keyword to my table Xevonaute hunting. Second complains about the competition on what engine is made? Brief Nojah you still have some loose level instructions, ask Bernard LavilliersHe will be happy to answer you with his black hat his cane and purple.

Minor deviation from Xevonaute, if I may add a tick to article Referencing an ImageI like to add your page as reference. My picture in this page is up as well on the second page of google image despite a small but I really put my advice highlighted in this article The patchwork black hattitude I hope that will position the patchwork on the front page of the keyword black hattitude. The problem with bloggers is that we can not know how many images you google image index because it does not use the URL of the blog in the image path.

Xevonaute versus black hattitude/

The patchwork black hattitude

Like all major brands, black hattitude will be entitled to his patchwork, which change the screen so the work is beautiful! Before you can see, I must say that I put a little of each of you in and it was directed by Gimp (and yes, it does not go all in with illegality PS). He is tall, he is handsome, he has the black hattitude, Kate Mos has probably inspired the design, many winks to ParticipantsIs this:

I did not go either deform said my main index page to show you this beautiful quilt made with a black hat. Without further ado here it is:

black hattitude

Friday, October 9, 2009

Assessment and prognosis of black man hattitude

Assessment and prognosis of black man hattitude

After nearly 12 days of competition if I plan to make us here in my first review, not necessarily the best but not necessarily less good.

After a week spent in Gland, sixth, my blog black hattitude it collapsed and today ranks in 15th position (the shock ...). Nevertheless, we can boast of a little over a heterogeneous 15aine tickets and all referenced on Hopefully soon ironed on the front page and that this small drop will not continue.

Page (Tiger I believe) is that part to be first, he enjoys a lot with his title tag and place for the second time but was only able to ensure a real place on the podium. (paidr) stands for the first time but I am doubtful that the rest until the end of the competition may already be there given its resources and can boast of leading the competition for quite a while. continues to mount and also a certain chance of being in the top 5, put it aside.
The largest mounted back to the organizer Rudy with his is probably currently testing its new logicciels SPAM as Seolinkpro.
Refpowa-blog also has very good chance of finishing in the top 5 (probably second or third), he enjoys a platform already referenced (PR3 elsewhere) that has adapted to the competition hattitude black and a large number of backlink (when my biggest site out, I have so many bl me).

Here are all the candidates that I have noticed, there will probably more by the end with much more bounce! Anyway good black hattitude to all and remember: you can get a back link: The contestants. And enjoy this beautiful black hat:

black hat of a black woman hattitude

Pubs that have the black hattitude

Pub with black hattitude

Not only is a few pubs that I've chosen are more classes, but they are black hattitude see black hat (with white as it is also striped hat).

Start with one that makes me think we would have had to bury kate mos (^^), A small band of skeletal army of their black hat to revive a one after the other to mark the Stand Up with two large buttons black hattitude and black lips:

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Continue with real, big, beautiful hats striped black and white or full black worn by relatively interesting specimen still in an advertisement: (do not waste a crumb, the black hats are really very special power!)

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