Friday, October 9, 2009

Assessment and prognosis of black man hattitude

Assessment and prognosis of black man hattitude

After nearly 12 days of competition if I plan to make us here in my first review, not necessarily the best but not necessarily less good.

After a week spent in Gland, sixth, my blog black hattitude it collapsed and today ranks in 15th position (the shock ...). Nevertheless, we can boast of a little over a heterogeneous 15aine tickets and all referenced on Hopefully soon ironed on the front page and that this small drop will not continue.

Page (Tiger I believe) is that part to be first, he enjoys a lot with his title tag and place for the second time but was only able to ensure a real place on the podium. (paidr) stands for the first time but I am doubtful that the rest until the end of the competition may already be there given its resources and can boast of leading the competition for quite a while. continues to mount and also a certain chance of being in the top 5, put it aside.
The largest mounted back to the organizer Rudy with his is probably currently testing its new logicciels SPAM as Seolinkpro.
Refpowa-blog also has very good chance of finishing in the top 5 (probably second or third), he enjoys a platform already referenced (PR3 elsewhere) that has adapted to the competition hattitude black and a large number of backlink (when my biggest site out, I have so many bl me).

Here are all the candidates that I have noticed, there will probably more by the end with much more bounce! Anyway good black hattitude to all and remember: you can get a back link: The contestants. And enjoy this beautiful black hat:

black hat of a black woman hattitude

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